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This is a lifestyle blog. In here you can read about my latest weekend action. The places I visited, the restaurants I ate at, the food I cooked, the bars and drinks that made me drunk. This is about having fun and make the very best of the little free time we have. There will be weekends were pretty much all I will be able to talk about will be the breakfast I ate, the long hours I slept or the incredible quantities of television I consumed, but hopefully, and specially now the summer is arriving soon, those weekends will be few and even during those I will have a nice recipe, film or book comments to share with you.

I’m Portuguese, born in Lisbon and that is the place I live at the moment. Before Lisbon I used to live in Helsinki, a city I love with all my heart, partly because of all the good friends and acquaintances, but also because of the nice restaurants and cafés, the nice parks, the sea, the markets, and the fact that is a small and manageable place to live. Apart from the horrible weather there was almost nothing I disliked about Helsinki and now that I’m back to Lisbon I miss it a lot. But even though Lisbon is not my favourite place in the world to live, we, and by we I mean I, should learn to take the best out of what is given. And it’s in this optimistic bases that I plan to build this blog, and hopefully fill it with useful information for all the blog readers in the world.

So better start it now.


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