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January 9, 2011

Yeah it seems like the trend of over priced brunches is here to stay. This hangover Sunday the subject of the post is the probably very new Quinoa bakery in Rua do Alecrim. And let me tell you, for a self proclaimed bio bakery this guys are pretty damn stingy with the bread on their brunch plate. Highlight of the meal was most definitely the beautiful granola and fruit yogurt in the beginning of the meal. This was the nicest granola I’ve ever tasted and the good news is that they sell it for you to take home too, the bad news is that it cost 12€ a package of 400 grams which is insane. And the insanity in prices doesn’t end with the granola, but let’s return to this point a bit later. Apart from the lovely yogurt the place itself is beautiful. A really well done mixture of old and modern, really nice music, very cosy and relaxed and though this kind of places are more and more often in Lisbon, it’s always nice to have the choice.
This being said, let’s talk about lowlights shall we? Horrible watered down natural juice, extremely unbalanced cheese-bread relation, disturbing small amount of scrambled eggs. And the prices, my god the prices. Whoever told this people that nouvelle cuisine brunches is the way to go should be slapped on the face. Can’t they understand that a brunch by definition is a meal where you end up having more on the plate then you can handle? After all the thing is breakfast and lunch, and the reason why we only get it on Sundays is because we need to soak all that alcohol out with food. So make us all a favour trendy Lisbon brunch Cafés, when making a brunch think that what we all love so much about this meal is that in the end turns out being a great deal where we can get out coffee refilled and eat till we burst for a considerable low price.
Quinoa is, overall, one more sort of pretentious brunch place in dear old Lisbon with a nice atmosphere and horrible food quality-price relation.

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