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October 23, 2010

Well, it’s not that I spent all this time doing nothing interesting but acute laziness didn’t allow me to post any novelties in this blog.

I did went to London on Easter and to the Basque country, Provence and Bretagne on Summer. Been to some new restaurants and saw films and concerts. Even learned to cook new tasty recipes and got addicted to television shows that everybody should get addicted to, because they are that good. Met new people and made new friends that I advise you to become friends also because they are the coolest people ever. I even started a new business, or the closest I can get at the moment of starting one. So there are loads of stuff to talk about, sadly those stuff are water that passed under the bridge long ago, and no one is interested of reading about them anymore, neither I am interested of writing about them. So let’s start fresh!!



This morning, Saturday morning, I dragged my lazy ass out of home and came for breakfast at kaffehaus. The place is very well intentioned but sins for its extreme confidence in the value of their food and products, which is the same as saying, they are way to expensive for what they offer. A brunch made of 2 frankfurt sausages, fresh out of the can with some gravy, 2 scrambled eggs, 2 slices of bread and 1 small bun for 9.80€, that doesn’t include coffee or juice or both, in Lisbon is almost criminal. You really feel like crossing the road, enter in the police station on the other side and say that you have been robbed. But instead of that, as personal revenge, I moved myself here for the past couple of hours and I don’t intend to leave before this post is complete or someone kicks me out. Wouldn’t it be for the shouting children in the next table, I could stay forever! The place is rather nice. I like the decor, very clean and northern styled, the big windows and the cosy and comfortable seats. The coffee, even though expensive, is delicious and probably the only place I’ve ever been in Lisbon that knows how to make a cappuccino. The food is tasty, it’s not fantastic but even though I didn’t taste them, for the looks of it they might have the best croissant in town too. So if you’re in the mood to spend loads of money while feeling good in a refined European atmosphere, this is the place to be.

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